Jumps back to the case selection view.

  • Age: 28
  • Sex: Female
  • Medical history:
    • Inflammatory back pain (pain at night, morning stiffness for >30 minutes, improvement with exercise, no improvement with rest) for approx. 8 years
    • No full dose of NSAIDs so far
    • No peripheral or extra-musculoskeletal manifestations
    • Family history: mother with psoriasis
    • HLA-B27: positive
    • CRP: 10.2 mg/l

Displays clinical information about the current case.


Displays this help text. Click to exit.

1: Inflammatory back pain

Splits the screen in two sections. The left part shows the current image series. In the right section, any other series can be selected from the thumbnail bar. Click this button to exit the split view.


Starts audio commentary and detailed explanations about the case.


Thumbnail bar: Displays icons for each series of images, as well as questions and summary. Questions must be answered in order to make further series visible. Questions can only be answered once. The correct solutions are displayed at the end of the case. The pictogram bar can be scrolled to the right and left.


Active axial spondyloarthritis with advanced structural lesions